Quad headlights

I am going to give the Corolla more of a classic look by converting to 1980 quad style headlights.  I picked up the headlights & lower valance from a 1980 Wagon in the local wrecking yard.  Here I’m starting to take the lights apart in preparation for refurbishment.  I’m going to get the main metal pieces media blasted and powder coated.  I’m ordering new headllight surrounds and grille from the far east.

So, here I am with the Quad lights:

Here are the supposedly stainless headlight rings.  They have been spray painted black so I will need to use some paint stripper and then soak them in rust remover:

Here is the whole assembly pretty much dissassembled.  These will no go off to the blasters and then be powder coated black.

It Runs

Got the car running and driving.  The transmission is working great, no noises and it shifts beautifully.   I finally got it outside to take some exterior pictures!

Cooling System repaired

Original radiator refurbished.  New waterpump.  Original owner told me that the car never warmed up, Checked the thermostat and it was broken open so I replaced that as well.  New radiator hoses.

Dissassemble Transmission

The T50 Transmission in the car was totally shot.  I took it apart to see what went wrong.  The input shaft bearing is bad amongst other things.  It was educational taking it apart.  I picked up a T50 from a Celica which was advertised as being good.  Unfortunately, they shifter linkage is different so I ended up taking that transmission apart as well and swapped the shift fork assemblies. We’ll see if it’ll actually work.