Trim out the cargo area

New carpet for the cargo area, refurbished plastics (sanded, re-textured, and painted with SEM color coat) – the plastic was so badly UV damaged that this was the only way to bring them back.  I also got some matching vinyl and recovered the wheel arches.

License Plate light bar restoration:

Most wagons that I have seen have rusty rear license plate bars, here is mine before:

I sent it off to be re chromed by Pauls Chrome on the east cost – I then started masking everything off for the black paint:

Painted black:

Masking removed & final product:

Wagon external trim

The original plastic trim for the wagon was very faded.  So, I painted it gloss black with the SEM product, masked everything up, and shot it silver:

Looks like new, Here they are installed:

Dasboard Repair

I opted to go for a dash cap to cover the cracked dashboard on the Toyota.  I got the original color of the dash matched for some SEM color coat paint and gave it a go.

Here I am gluing the dash cap onto the dash pad, holding everything together with clamps:

After the glue was all dry, I spray painted it with SEM color coat: